Major anti-climax at Harley-Davidson, at least as far as the publicly announced 2011 range is concerned: one new Sportster model, the return of the Softail Deluxe and Electra Glide Classic with 103-inch motors in the Tourers and a new range of colours.

The official news, range by range is that the Sportster SuperLow is a revamped Sportster with different ergonomics and radial tyres for the 21st Century, designed to be more super-nimble for the competent rider. It will join the 883 Iron, 883R, the Forty-Eight, Nightster and the XR1200X ...

The Dyna range gets nothing much more than a repaint, with new White Hot Denim for the Fat Bob, but more interesting three flamed paint schemes for the Wide Glide based on Vivid Black - as current - but also Chrome Yellow and the new Sedona Orange. The Street Bob and Super Glide Custom get the Michelin Scorcher tyres and new colours ...

The Softails are joined by the returning Deluxe, the second year for the Fat Boy Special in a range of monochromatic hues, including the new White Hot Denim,; the Rocker C is more obviously embraced into the family and together with all telescopic forked Softails gets ABS as standard for 2011. Which means the Cross Bones doesn't. Sorry Martin: no 103-inch option announced yet ...

The water Hogs have lost the original V-Rod leaving them as a duo: the Muscle, which is on the receiving end of new graphics, and the Night Rod Special, which this year is hurtling towards a bright new dawn with a Chrome Yellow among other vibrant schemes, and with ghost flames ...

The Touring models don't get a 103-inch option so much as lose the 96-inch on everything but the Road King Classic, which will give the new frame, introduced last year some extra work to do. The Road King Classic can be specified with a 103, but it's not compulsory. All models also get a new ergonomically designed, and one inch lower saddle. We lose the Electra Glide Standard, but gain a reintroduced Classic ...

We lose the CVO Dyna but keep the Convertible Softail which joins an Ultra, a Street Glide and a Road Glide. And that, which apart from prices (up) and the full range of colours (extensive) rounds it up nicely for now.

Now the hard work of getting into the minutae starts ... Nurse? The screens!
It's worth noting that a lot of things we've taken for granted for years have subtly been eroded. we no longer operate to the spirit but to the letter of the law, and that combined with the 'ignorance is no defence' caveat, beloved of the prosecution council, means that you've got to have your wits about you more than ever.

If you think you have got a month's grace to tax your vehicle before you're in trouble, think again: you never did beyond an informal postal delay and now the DVLA will fine you if your vehicle is not currently taxed, even if you can tax it retrospectively to the beginning of the month and thereby ensure continuity of the service, and there would seem to be no right of appeal.

If you've got a bike that is SORN'd, and you are expecting to get a reminder off DVLA to tell you when it's expired, don't hold your breath: they're not obliged to do so, apparently, and of course you threw away the confirmation letter when it landed. Be aware that a failure to keep SORN up to date will lead to a fine equivalent to a year's roadtax, and there would seem to be no right of appeal.

And don't assume that the whizzy new computerised MOT system has your details correct. While you're in checking the status of your vehicles - and I recommend you do it, and do it today - you'd be advised to check the MoT status using the site hooked into the central database used by DVLA and the police. If it's wrong, you will be unable to tax your vehicle on-line so go to your original test station with the certificate, they will resend the data and that will bring it up to date. I daren't imagine what would happen in a roadside check situation - quite apart from giving the police legitimate grounds to stop you - but I suspect it would be messy.

To check everything you need to know, follow the links below:

To check the road tax/SORN status of a vehicle - you'll need reg number and manufacturer.

To check the MoT status and history - you will need your V5 or an MoT certificate

Sadly there isn't access to the existing centralised insurance database to make sure that's held accurately, but by the time we've finished with the buggers there will be.
The patches have arrived, and they look brilliant: a fitting addition to the stunning badge and available now from our e-shop or the next issue of the magazine.
We've been very naughty children and have been seeing what those nice people at Honda have put together in the misguided belief that they were building the world's first factory chopper, and comparing that to Victory's most radical custom model: the 106/6 Vegas Jackpot.

You can guess what our verdict might be, but being entirely objective about it, how does the new American Motorcycle stack up against the most creative custom bike from a company held up by many as the one to beat?

You might be surprised by what we found.

Find out all in AmV42: out on the second Thursday in August ... err, actually the fourth Thursday in August: it all went pear-shaped.