A comment from a reader, Lofty, in our longtermers blog has rekindled the thought-process running through the editorial in AmV38, referring to the idea of a range of Harley big singles based round the Blast motor.

Lofty reminded me of Mac Motorcycles' concept, that they were going to base around the semi-Sportster lump, and revisiting their website has filled me an evangelical zeal demanding that I include it within the main blog.

Top right is what would have been Mac's "Spud" – a simple streetfighter cum bar-hopper – one of four models that would have ticked a few boxes for many, I'm sure.

It remains to be seen whether they'll continue with an alternative powerplant: Yamaha's XT660 has been suggested, but Mac seem pretty committed to an air-cooled thumper single.

Sadly they have been turned down by Harley in terms of the Motor Company supplying Blast motors, which is a great shame: I would have thought it would have presented an ideal opportunity for Harley to test the water without committing to producing a new range of their own ... but then that might work out better for Mac in the long run, because if Harley saw a future opportunity, they could provide serious competition for the small team from Upton-on-Severn, who are continuing to work with the like of Harris and Parker Tanks, and working with a second-hand Blast motor.


Anonymous said...

Looks uncompromising, raw and basic. Like it.