At the 2010 World Championship of Custom Bike Building the awards have already started being handed out. While the big winner doesn’t get announced until the last day of the show, the industry sponsors at the event have been busy with the goodie bag.

In order for the World Championship to happen every year it requires sponsors and each year those companies that put their collective hands into their pockets also have an opportunity to choose their pick of the bikes entered in the show, a kind of thank you from the event organisers. Officially known as the ‘Partner Pick of Excellence Awards’, they are, if you like, a bonus set of bragging rights.

While I’m not going to list the whole sixteen builders and the bikes they took the honours with, I will fly the flag for the home team by telling you that Shaw Harley-Davidson’s True Strike II was selected by Harley-Davidson as its Partner Pick bike.

The big question is now that Shaw Harley-Davidson has taken one prize can the boys from Eastbourne do the double and lift the trophy in the Modified Harley-Davidson class?