If you're up to speed with the blogosphere, you will undoubtedly have heard that Big Dog Motorcycles - the world's biggest producer of factory custom motorcycles - had closed their doors for good. 

That's not actually the full story.

We've got a statement from Jos Dewit - the CEO of Big Dog Motorcycles Europe - pictured centre on the K9 Chopper a fortnight ago in Belgium, flanked by UK Distributor, Yeti Edwards of The Hogfather Motorcycles on a PitBull, and Ivan Dewit of BDME on his own Coyote: full story in AmV46 - who are closer to the source than the bar-room experts.

It reads ...


We would like to inform you regarding the latest news on BDM USA.

You may all seen blogs on the internet with rather less than accurate information in them – or at least not the full story, it is not our normal policy to react on this, but we feel obliged to our appreciated dealers and customers to give some more information.

Weeks ago BDM announced to its worldwide network of dealers that there was to be a restructuring in many departments within BDM due to the changed market circumstances.

The plan was to restructure till the end of 2011, and to enter 2012 with the new structure in place. However BDM have seen an opportunity to bring this forward and most leaks have not caught the facts. The main company has closed their activities for several reasons but created at the same time more responsibilities for the company subsidiaries.

Big Dog Motorcycles Performance Products will be the subsidiary first to be re-engineered to start manufacturing new and more parts and accessories, which is good news for all Big Dog riders who want to continue to enjoy their bikes. A core of Big Dog Motorcycles LLC remaining employees will be probably be re-hired for the new parts business. Also there is still a stock of BDM motorcycles for immediate availability. When receiving future orders Big Dog Motorcycles will restart production at the appropriate time.

It is the absolute intention that BDM will not only continue to be the manufacturers of the world's best selling production custom motorcycles, but will be able to produce more efficiently and better able to expand its horizons.

J. Dewit
CEO Big Dog Motorcycles Europe

Having been in Belgium a week before the story broke, as guests of The Hogfather Motorcycles and BDME, there was talk of that restructuring and the availability of 'off the peg' motorcycles rather than the usual full bespoke package, and there was much discussion on how that news should be phrased to avoid the negative speculation that would greet the news of discounted bikes if not handled carefully. That is why we have waited until now to make comment, checking the story against the situation as we were aware of it. 

As soon as we get an official statement from Big Dog Motorcycles in the US, we'll update you.