At last: we've only been suggesting that Harley do an FLD for half a dozen years (sixteen if you include previous magazines), and Harley have finally brought out a Dyna Road King, albeit known as the Switchback (well, we assume it's the switchback). Modern 17 and 18-inch tyre fitments beneath full mudguards, the new 103 motor, FL forks and nacelle, footboards and a QD screen and new QD slantbags.

Basically, it's a 4-speed FL lookalike and, subject to a roadtest, is at the top of my personal wishlist: practical, flexible and hopefully comes with a choice of other wheels, 'cos I could live without the 5-spokes.

All of a sudden, the lack of a standard Road King isn't such a great loss.

Just hope they price it with the other Dynas: no prices yet.

In case you were wondering, The Electra Glide That Never Was in AmV14 shows what the undressed version could look like with laced wheels. Stunning.