Roger Daltrey may have sung, “I hope I die before I get old.” But Harley-Davidson riders seem to think otherwise.

For many years the Motor Company’s main customers have been the baby boomer generation, a generation of riders who are now, shall we say, considering retirement?

Now, due to the ravages of time, those riders are having to deal with issues that can affect their riding. We all know how heavy a Harley is, but if you have to deal with arthritis or perhaps a hip replacement then that weight can become a real concern when it comes to keep the bike upright when you stop. The answer to this problem would appear to be the addition of extra wheels if the displays at the V-Twin Expo are to be believed.

Numerous exhibitors had trikes in their booths which had been accessorised with those companies’ latest and greatest products. The Iron Bagger Review display of show bikes at the rear of the Expo centre was split about 60/40 between bikes and trikes and in the main show itself there were a couple of trike manufactures and many companies offering trike conversion kits
and parts.

It doesn’t stop there either. Described by the manufacturer as, “For the guy who doesn’t want to stop riding because of health issues but who doesn’t want ride a trike or can’t afford a one.” What was being describing was the ‘Side Kicks’, basically, a set of stabiliser wheels that can be raised and lowered as and when needed, that bolt to a Touring bike’s crash bars.

That self-same company also offers a seat that has been designed to increase comfort for riders with among other health issues prostrate problems … yes proof indeed that Harley’s target market is getting older.