The World Championship of Custom Bike Building (WCBB) is just that, unlike baseball’s World Series where there only ever seems to be US teams competing, the WCBB does what it says on the tin. A large part of the reason for this global participation is the affiliation of custom shows around the world. Shows whose prize funds include bike freight to Sturgis to compete in the WCBB.

Just clarify the point about international competition, from where I’m sat I can see bikes from Russia, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, England and many other countries.

What is most interesting about this mix of nationalities is the diversity of styling it delivers. Without wanting to sound disrespectful to the host nation, it is easy to spot the US-built bikes, simply because many of them are following existing trends and not setting new ones.

The choice of engine is one area where the European entrants are willing to have some fun, but as this is American-V I’ll not go into depth about the various non V-twin choices, but I will point out that the only two bikes to use V-Rod Revolution engines are both from Europe; Odyssey Motorcycles X-Rod and Krugger’s Venom. The latter really pushes the boundary of custom design with a ride height that can be raised or lowered without altering the suspension travel. Then just to be really clever he’s added two sets of foot controls; forwards for when the bike’s up and rearsets for when it’s down and racing on the salt flats.


Andy@AmV said...

Trust Freddy to push the envelope.

Very interested to know how he's kept the suspension travel on the lower setting: electro/mechanical repositioning of the shock mounts?

Duncan Moore said...

I've now had the chance to spend some time going through the bike with Fred. The rear suspension is on an electrically actuated linkage. Not only that but the rake and wheelbase also change. He said the design of the bike, which was commissioned by a customer, nearly fried his brain!