Breaking news from Cyril Huze:

I'm up to my neck in deadlines, and the release from Polaris speaks for itself, but I can't see this being anything but good news for both Indian and Victory, and all of us who enjoy American motorcycles.

Both companies will presumably maintain their current course - Indian couldn't build the Vision any more than Victory could build a Chief - and it will force Harley to raise their game, because this is amounts to serious competition, especially if they sell Indians in Victory dealerships and vice versa.

It will be interesting to see what happens to their respective manufacturing bases.


Unknown said...

I'm just delighted that Indian are surviving, in whatever form. Extending the choice of American-Vs must be good; just hope Polaris bring Indians to Europe - eventually. The appeal is entirely different to Victory & H-D. (Note: I didn't claim better or worse; just different!)