Thanks to the many of you who responded to the survey in AmV37: we've been going through them as they came in, and while we haven't scientifically stuck them all into a database to get accurate percentages, the underlying sense is that we're doing most things right.

You can't please all the people all the time, but the only major points of contention were between those who reckon we've got way too many events, and those who reckon we need more. Roadtests, Custom, Tech and Classic content are all within pretty close parameters.

Only one of you was vehemently opposed to anything other than American v-twins, regardless of the circumstances - a very long term reader who runs a CBR1000, which was odd - and the only major additional requests have been for more touring features and one request for nekkid women.

We will be publishing the full results as soon as we've had time to analyse them fully, which we're committed to doing if only to get a handle on what you're ride. We would have done it over Christmas, but it was more critical that we got these blogs sorted out, for reasons that should become clear by the time they've gone fully live.