The web is beating up the conventional magazine world at the moment, but we've got a plan to use each to its strength.

We occasionally run out of space or forget to do things in the heat of the last days of deadline; sometimes news breaks before the magazine hits the streets, and sometimes we just want to be able to show a bike moving, listen to its rumble or capture something of the atmosphere of a party ... which is a problem with a magazine.

But then until someone comes up with something better than a magazine in terms of price and portability, t'internet is going to be tied to a desktop, laptop or TV. Yes, I do know you can now download stuff onto 3G phones, but can you really imagine reading a 5,000 word article on a phone? You can? Well, make the most of it because you'll wreck your eyesight in the process.

So, we're having a bit of each technology, and this is it! News as it happens, stuff as it comes up, the odd bit of banter and basically stuff to keep you entertained between magazines.

Don't expect long diatribes: this is the longest piece I anticipate writing for this blog, but then it will be accompanied by a blog covering staff bikes and long term roadtests, and a third that will cover the XR1200 Race Series in 2010, both of which could get a lot more involved.